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February 21, 2005

sorry about the big gaps in posting. at the moment i'm spending virtually all my free time working on my science course. it's actually a bit ridiculous.

today: 2.5 hours while isabel was at preschool, 1 hour in the evening
tomorrow: 1 hour at lunchtime, 2 hours in the evening
wednesday: 2 hours evening
thursday: evening tutorial in dudley, 3 hours including travelling
friday: supposed to do 2.5 hours while izzy is at preschool, but carpet fitting man is coming, hence have to sacrifice friday evening off and do 2.5 hours instead.
saturday: mattgreen taking isabel to wycombe, to free me up to spend the whole day... studying!

i just don't have any spare time at all anymore. i'm going to bath for gordy's birthday in a month's time and it's like the light at the end of the tunnel. i have virtually nothing else to look forward to between now and then so the trip has taken on this sort of heaven-like quality before i've even got there. i had a dream last night about what a really great time we're going to have. i think this course is starting to have weird effects on my brain.

in other news, did you know that water can hold much more heat than air, so much so that the top 3 metres of the ocean holds as much heat as the entire atmosphere above it? that's why we have water in radiators instead of air! fascinating!!!

i'll, er.. i'll just get my coat.

I bet that's why you can put your hand in a 300 degree oven but not a 300 degree pot of water.

YOu're like a scientist and shit.
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