February 11, 2005

playing world of warcraft at the moment. really enjoying the warlock i'm playing. I get to summon demons, hit multiple bad guys at once and drain their life into mine. if i've learned anything from magic/vampire/asherons call/city of heroes it's that those are all good things.

we play on a roleplaying server, which means that there are no 15yr olds called maxx0r-haxx0r running around purtaining to hand out '0wn4g3' or, when pushed, theatening you with the truely spine-chilling: 'i'll get my friend (he's level 30)'. the down side is that occasionally you have to put up with the following sort of full immersion 'roleplayers':

ryisa: foresoth, whereupon might a lady find a magician to train me?
hyperion: m'lady i humbly suggest you travel east to the village and investigate the inn
ryisa: i am in your debt noble hyperion, although i am fearful that the inn may be rough
me: do not fear i will escourt you there, there may be squirrels i can suck the souls from on the way before feasting on their delicious marrow
ryisa: i dont care for your tone sir
me: i do not jest m'lady, we'll shall go to the inn, i'll slaughter some wildlife along the way to keep our spirits up then, when we get there, i'll take you to the dark basement where my warlock brethren will teach you more than any mere conjurer could.
hyperion: sir, you have the manners of a boar
me: i'll wager she's both pretty _and_ athletic

ahh. another spirit crushed. beautiful.

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