change of plan

February 27, 2005

(alicey is reading her tutor marked assignment question for her course out loud to mattgreen)

alicey: it says, "did you find you departed from your essay plan significantly? for example, you may have blah blah blah"
mattgreen: so did you?
alicey: no, but i'll pretend that i did.
mattgreen: liar, liar, pants on fire!
alicey: (laughing) no seriously! it says, "for example, you may have blah blah blah". which is a bit like saying, "do you like crisps? for example, crisps are really nice and most normal people like them".
mattgreen: "our research has found that people who don't like crisps are bad and wrong. we were wondering whether you liked crisps or whether you found yourself frequently socially ostracised".

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