carpet nazis

February 25, 2005

to cut a long story short, we were given some carpet to replace our mangy lounge one.

it didn't fucking fit. so. all our lounge furniture is in our kitchen, isabel only has an hour left at preschool, we have already torn out our old carpet and the carpet fitter is just standing there waiting for me to decide what to do next.

i go to the carpet shop and buy a nice beige carpet that will go with anything. carpet fitter goes and collects carpet, brings it back, fits it.

the new carpet seems a lot paler than it did in the shop. i thought it was beige, but it looks more like... cream. or even... white. wow, what a great idea, after all we never have people round to drink red wine, we never spill anything, and isabel has never had sticky fingers in her life.... OH NO, WAIT, THAT'S A TOTAL LIE!!

i refuse to turn into one of those godawful carpet nazis who force people to take their shoes off the second they walk through the door and who suggest everyone stands in the kitchen in case they spill anything. so we are probably going to fuck our new carpet up, as i am incredibly clumsy and always knock drinks over.

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