time shortage

January 12, 2005

well - sorry about the lack of updates. i just have no time at the moment. i started my new job last week and started studying my ou course this week. i'm trying to play world of warcraft and my playstation2 dance mat. mattgreen has been away on site in manchester since 7.30am monday morning. isabel has started having swimming lessons.

i swear to god, it never stops in this household.

i have four entries lined up:

1. how things are going in my new job
2. social comment about my ps2 dance mat (a gift from GOD, i tell you. well - gordy actually)
3. the realisation that both the time i was most freezing cold ever and the time i was most boiling hot ever were with lee-anne (i wonder if she can guess the two occasions?!)
4. how amused i am that i am two steps ahead of the course team so far (ie. i write some notes about the difference between mass and weight, then two pages later they explain it)

please note: i will probably never get round to writing these entries. hope you're enjoying the daily photos; i'm enjoying digging around my old pics to find them.

I feel that this is an invitation to hazard a guess at entry #2. I would say that the coldest you've ever been is when we were stuck on the side of a motorway hitching home from a gig one time, and I'm guessing that the hottest you've ever been is in Turkey when you sustained first degree burns to your legs??????
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