sometimes i could kill him

January 29, 2005

tonight, to take my mind off giving up smoking, i did an hour's studying and then decided to have a go on my playstation dance mat. i was going to play world of warcraft but mattgreen was playing with it, so i got him a beer and then went downstairs. when i turned the playstation on, i was annoyed to discover it had deleted all my high scores from dance star (the competitive part of the game where the difficulty increases each level).

oh well, i thought, and started again from the beginning. it took me about two hours to get all the way back to where i was before. then mattgreen came downstairs, said, "i think the mat needs flattening out", picked up the dance mat and gave it a shake.

it promptly deleted all my high scores again.
rebooted the playstation.
definitely all gone.

you might remember my new year's resolution was to stop blaming other people for things. goddammit. that resolution is killing me!!

Yeah, but come on... as far as I can see this is ALL MATTS FAULT. Take out that rage, girl! x
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