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January 06, 2005

i've always been shite at maths. it just isn't one of my talents. i have little patience and if something doesn't add up, i just don't care enough to work out why.

imagine my joy on discovering that as part of my new job, i am going to be doing the book-keeping. i was presented with two hardbound A4 books, each full of tiny rows and columns of pencil squiggles. and - and! - apparently there were some mistakes which had crept in and skewed it all, and i had to go back months and months trying to track them down. greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.

only the weird thing is - now i've started doing it - there is some freakish part of me that is actually really enjoying it. there is a certain triumphant satisfaction in tracing that mistake, a strange jubilation about getting the eight sets of figures along the bottom to match the eleven sets of figures down the left. i have scrapped the books and decided to use excel instead which is working out much better for me. it's really nice to feel like i've actually achieved something useful at work today. whoever would've thought that alicey might actually enjoy maths?

Four hours later, and I am beginning to feel like that film with Matt Damon in. You know, the one where he starts off as a promising mathematician and ends up utterly insane and full of conspiracy theories, in a room full of post-it notes covered in scribble. Insane! Insane I tell you!!!
Ah, the joy of maths. I love mathmatics.

If you can avoid the "end of all beings" - Cthulu style insanity caused by some of the more advanced proofs, then you can have great fun.

At least until it causes you to develop some 'horrible creation' and destroy everything you love.

Still, have fun with it while you can!
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