oh deer

January 31, 2005

i am playing world of warcraft. mattgreen is sitting behind me, messing with his vampire cards.

alicey: huh!
mattgreen: what's up?
alicey: well, i'm doing this quest where i have to put healing salve on these sickly deer, right, and they're all green and pathetic. and when i click on the healing salve, they turn brown and bounce off all sprightly and happy. bit dodgy, don't you think?
mattgreen: i bet some girls love it though.
alicey: what do you mean?
mattgreen: (in high-pitched voice) oh, i feel really at one with my druid now i've been healing sickly deer!
alicey: ugh.
(slight pause)
alicey: (talking to the computer) right, you motherfucker! get here now! get healed or i'll kill you.
alicey: OI! don't run off you little bastard, i'm trying to fucking heal you!
mattgreen: (chuckling) you're the only person i know who can heal sickly deer aggressively.

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