mr salt

January 26, 2005

this morning, isabel came and climbed into my bed. she often does that when mattgreen's away - i'm too lazy to get up straightaway so she comes hurtling in.

isabel: mummy, you are my darling.
alicey: and you are my sweetheart.
isabel: i love you very much mummy.
alicey: i love you too.

man, she breaks my heart sometimes, it's just too cute. mattgreen would've been making pretend vomiting sounds if he'd heard us.

the whole "sweetheart, darling" thing comes from the (original) film willy wonka and the chocolate factory. there is a scene where veruca salt is having a tantrum because she hasn't got a golden ticket yet, and her dad (played by greg kinnear) is trying to reason with her. he's got his entire factory staff shelling chocolate bars instead of peanuts. he says, "sweetheart! darling! they're working as fast as they can!"

his tone of voice is absolutely perfect. it basically says, "my child, you are being totally unreasonable, but i am so desperate to prevent you from making a gigantic scene that i'm trying to placate you any way i can". i started saying, "sweetheart, darling!" in situations like that when isabel was a tiny baby - you know: "sweetheart, darling! please don't pull my hair out by the roots!", "sweetheart, darling! please don't pick up your spaghetti with your hands and throw it in the air!", etc.

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