marmalade queen

January 23, 2005

yesterday, i tried the doomed seville orange marmalade recipe again. except this time, i had secret sugar thermometer christmas present tech.

first, cut up all the rind and add to the juice and water. check.

second, simmer for two hours. check.

third, add the sugar and boil for 15 minutes. only this year, with the aid of the sugar thermometer, i learned that boil doesn't actully mean BOIL, it means "barely simmer".

fourth, pray to the gods on high that your finished product isn't black for the third year in a row:

i honestly feel that this is one of the greatest achievements of my life to date. I HAVE CONQUERED THE MARMALADE! THE MARMALADE IS MY BITCH! I AM THE FUCKING MARMALADE QUEEN, BOW BEFORE ME.

ok, so i'm quite pleased about it. who can blame me? marmalade is tough, i'm telling you.

Break out the english muffins, I am impressed.
i am just about to start the second part of my marmalade making process - the first being to chop them all up and leave overnight in my pressure cooker with cold water.
all the pips went in too so at some point i will have to fish them all out!
commence the boil!
wash the jars and dry in hot oven!
throw in tons of tooth rotting sugar ( i am going to experiment and add some molasses too).
pot up, leave to cool, then eat as much as possible before the mould has a chance to grow - i always seem to get mould growing on jams etc after a month or two but i just scrape it off and the stuff underneath is as delicious as ever and i haven't died yet.
yum yum.
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