i don't think i heard you correctly

January 18, 2005

i have a habit of comprehending things exactly as i hear them, without pausing to see if they make sense or not. it drives mattgreen insane.

the other day, we were in the car with isabel, and we drove past somebody walking their dog. isabel pronounced, with absolute certainty, "if you can't sing, you get a dog".

i laughed. "if you can't sing, you get a dog!" i repeated, smiling.
mattgreen looked at me incredulously. "she said, if you can't SEE, you get a dog".

the previous day i had crouched down next to her and the dog moneybox in boots and carefully explained that if you're blind, you can't see, and that blind people have guide dogs, and putting money in the dog moneybox helps to pay for them. despite that conversation, i had still thought she said, "if you can't sing, you get a dog". this amused me greatly.

later, mattgreen told me a story about the work experience guy at work. apparently he is as bad as me at mishearing things. according to matt, he overheard him on the phone talking to somebody about heritage buildings in london. he actually said, "the tower of bong-den?" mishearing "tower of london".

i laughed until i cried. the tower of bong-den. i mean, really, that's just absolutely classic.

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