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January 16, 2005

the other day i took isabel to storytime at the library, and got chatting to some of the other mums. one was saying that she was planning to home-educate her kids. another said that she wouldn't fancy home-educating unless she knew a few other people who were also doing it so that they could meet up and talk about it.

later on, i was telling mattgreen about this conversation.

mattgreen: hmm. yeah, if you could find a lot of people who were home-educating, you could all hire a village hall, and take turns at teaching. you know, because it'd be good for the kids to socialise.
alicey: maybe you could have some regular breaks, to structure the day? perhaps at lunchtime they could all sit down together, at long tables, sort of a bit like a canteen.
mattgreen: you could have a whip-round, see if you could get some equipment for them to play on.
alicey: yeah, if it was really successful, you could even open it up to other parents, perhaps they could pay you to send their children there.
mattgreen: if it took off, renting wouldn't be economical, so maybe you could buy a building, maybe an old school? you could call it the local home-education centre.

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