child of our time?

January 20, 2005

last night, as i was walking home from nursery with isabel, i decided to try asking her some questions that i'd seen on child of our time this week.

alicey: izzy, what do you think daddy is good at?
izzy: (without hesitation) drilling things.
alicey: (laughing) what else?
izzy: looking after me.
alicey: (pleased, because the point of this experiment is to see whether the child thinks the mummy does all the caring stuff and the daddy just goes to work)
izzy: and carrying me on his shoulders!
(at this point we walk past a large garage with rows and rows of cars on display)
izzy: and driving the car!
alicey: (impatient to hear what isabel thinks of her) izzy, what do you think mummy is good at?
izzy: (looking at the cars) driving the car as well!
alicey: (thinking - no gender stereotypes for our daughter!) and what else?
izzy: (looking at the cars) fixing the car!
alicey: (laughing, i don't think so) what else?
izzy: cleaning the car!
alicey: can you think of anything mummy is good at that isn't car related?
izzy: driving the car?
alicey: (sighs) no, you've said that already. (fishing for compliments) something else?
izzy: no... i don't know.

alicey: izzy, what do you think Oberion is bad at?
izzy: driving the car!
You'll have to get some flashcards made up of your face and then various, worthy activities like a picture of a nurse or a helping a blind woman cross the road. That should gently encourage her to think along the right lines :-)
Not much of a cook, hm? Me neither.
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