amusing things about sharing an office with your husband

January 13, 2005

alicey is alone in the office. a client calls.

alicey: good morning
client: good morning, may i speak to dr green please?
alicey: i'm sorry, i'm afraid dr green is out on site. could i take a message?
client: gosh, yes, that would be terribly helpful.
<20 minutes later>
client: ...and i think that's about everything!
alicey: no problem, i'll let him know and ask him to call you back tomorrow.

alicey thinks, "ahh, what a nice man, he was really friendly".

alicey: hey baby, what do you think of [client]?
mattgreen: he's a cardigan wearing buffoon and i hate him.
alicey: oh.
mattgreen: what did he want?
alicey: how could you not like him? he was a sweetheart! he was really nice to me.
mattgreen: what did he want this time?
alicey: [explains]
mattgreen: sigh. what an idiot. i'll have to bring some work home.
alicey: well, as long as it's for lovely [client], i don't mind.
mattgreen: grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

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