a christmas message from shades of green

December 26, 2004

a christmas video from isabel (nearly 8MB so be patient)

yes, i had to bribe her with chocolate to sing this so nicely.
we didn't actually teach her how to sing this - she must've learned it at preschool. still, you have to admit it's pretty cute. she always gets the last line wrong.

merry christmas everybody! we're enjoying our holidays, hope you are too.


That's awesome! The chocolate was well worth it!



P.S. I love her fuzzy shirt!
Well done Izzy! My Mum and I were close to tears when we saw it... That child of yours is something special, Mrs. Green!
Awww... thats really cute. I've lnked to it on my site, hope you dont mind. *sigh* when can I have some children?!
Hi Alice,

I'm on the bridge of the Ernest Shackleton, moored up against the sea ice at Halley. I've managed to blag a trip down here for the day so I thought I'd take advantage of their internet access to look at your new look website.

I have to say I'm very impressed although not by the picture of the day which frankly is a vicious rumour spread by penguins everywhere.

Got to go, my skidoo awaits.

Lots of love and have a great New Year,

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