December 14, 2004

i like billboards. i think it's because i grew up in milton keynes, which doesn't have a single one of them. when i went to big cities like london and manchester for the first time, i was always wowed by the billboards.

i'm not easily swayed by the advertising - i'm much more susceptible to magazine adverts. i just like the hugeness of them and the way they change so often. the walk to isabel's nursery is pretty boring and everytime the billboards change it's like the landscape has shifted. i really like that.

at the moment there is a huge smirnoff advert up, which i've posted in today's picture of the day. it's got the united kingdom thrown out into the middle of the atlantic, and the tagline reads, "sea breeze". i like living on an island and i think i'd like it even more if we actually were in the middle of the atlantic. everytime i see that billboard it makes me smile. it doesn't make me want to drink vodka though.

I love the human size of that billboard. All the ones in the U.S. are enormous and 100s of feet up in the air so you can see them from your car as you whizz down the highway, and half of them are for strip clubs or beer or cars, and they're a humorless blight upon our God-drenched landscape.
I like billboard too. There are so many billboard in Japan. It`s interesting seeing it.
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