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December 09, 2004

well - here it is - i have finally made good on my threats to sort out shades of green.

the whole weblog has moved lock stock and barrel to blogger, which hopefully will be a bit more reliable than pmachine. i have been having trouble with spam comments - i learned things i never wanted to know about sql today whilst attempting to delete 90-odd comments about poker.

blogger also allows me to include a daily picture from flickr, who are now hosting all my baby pictures (contact me if i haven't sent you an invite and you want one). hopefully this will encourage me to take more pictures and post them more often.

the downside is: all the archives are gone. actually that's not such a big downside. they were getting a bit incriminating, if you know what i'm saying.

so - new banner, new pictures, slightly changed slinky look (and god you would not believe how many hours it has taken me to get it looking so similar to the last site)... hope you like it.

Aha, nice work.

Is that your current Christmas tree, or an old one, or a generic one you stole from the Internet?
Thank you. And THANK YOU, because without your assistance, I could never have managed it.

Yes, it's our current Christmas tree. We got a blue spruce because I like to have our Christmas tree up the second it turns December and leave it up until January.
Well, I'll miss re-reading some of your more incriminating posts. But I like the new format.
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